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🍹 you can't spell ART without HEARTH 🔥

2 years ago

Hearth is a restaurant whereby you can witness the art of cooking developed by a group of professional & passionate chef.

The restaurant is open fire based & elegantly designed, giving guests fine dine experience & pleasant service.

Guest may request to sit at the Chef counter, bar seatings or regular seats upon reservation with them via WhatsApp.

I prefer Chef counter as I love to see happening kitchen, also to engage & build friendship with the Chef & crews.

Here's what me & my friends ordered & our feedback:
I. Appetisers
🥔 smashed potatoes with black garlic aoili & cured chicken egg yolk
- love the lightly smoked of the potato skin as it resemblance the taste of french fry & the sauce itself elevated thus make the overall dish rich.

🍆 roasted eggplant with pumpkin purée, fried pickles
- the smoky grilled eggplant reminded me one of the Indonesian dish, terung bakar. Anyhow this is elevated with natural sweetness of the pumpkin & sourness crunchy from the fried pickles.

II. Main courses
🍗 marinated boneless chicken thigh & pandan chutney
Personally, I love the Pandan chutney very much, as it have slightly roasted nutty flavour with pandan fragrance & spicy.

🐟 local barracuda with coconut crème & grilled cabbage
The barracuda have mild fishy smell but it perfectly covered after smoked. Like the creaminess of the coconut crème with slightly spicy. Grilled cabbage is over seasoned with salt.

🍚 aromatic basmati rice, coriander & mint
Chef has squeeze lemon into the rice therefore it's slightly sour. We love it the most as it taste fresh & cleanse the palette.

III. Desserts
💚 classic bread pudding with pandan crème anglaise
This is the best & main highlight of the day. The Pandan gelato is my favourite desserts.
Luxurious & sinfully pleasant to my pallete.

🍦 oats apple crumble with vanilla ice cream
Vanilla gelato is creamy & rich in taste, oats apple crumble was okay.

🍹 Hearth Boocha
Fermented pineapple kombucha.
Also, the only cocktails available that night.

Some of the menu might be seasonal depending on the availability of ingredients as Chef emphasis quality & made from scratch.

They accept cash, card & QR pay for payments. Checkout my ig:_humanburrito.bki for pictures & videos.

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