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🍷 'WINE' in a million

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Previously, it was Meet + Wine.Co. After it has took over & renamed to Wine at The Peak. I went with my cuz to their soft launching nights ago.

They keep the original interior design, anyhow they changed the tables & chairs seatings. Some tables were light, some were dim.

Here's what I ordered & my feedback:
Ceviche x Hinava (catch of the day, citrus, dashi)
Their catch of the day was flat head red snapper. Fish was thinly sliced, marinated, served with edible flowers.
Plating was vividly & aesthetically elegant, like a fish pond.
Fish taste fresh & sashimi-like with fiery spicy house made sauce. Little twist of Asian with Western.
Despite it served as a appetisers, it's delicious & match with steamed white rice from buttery pork.

Meats & cheese (local artisan cured Coppa & Culatello with blue cheese & camembert)
It served with walnuts, pistachios & almonds, i paired it with a glass of their house wine.
I wish they could serve with crackers or bun because I could hardly finish it without carbs.

Creamy truffle linguine (Shiitake & abalone mushroom, truffle pâté & white truffle oil)
I taste 'wok hei', something unusual & shouldn't in a pasta dish. It doesn't make sense somehow it's yummy.
The 'wok hei' overwhelmed the dish therefore I couldn't taste the white truffle oil at all.
Mushrooms are perfectly sautéed, tender texture & savoury creamy.

Buttery pork (pork belly sous vide for 12 hours, a take on the classic wet butter sauce served with steamed Japanese rice.)
It taste sinfully delectable, pork fats melted in the mouth directly while it's hot still. Truly indulged my pallete.
In the 'mains' menu, they didn't listed it was served with rice nor truly what I've expected.
Presentation needs improvement, menu description needs corrected, perhaps they can add on selection serve the pork either with mashed potatoes or steamed white rice.
I wish for more gravy because I love my rice flooded. Chef said just tell them next time.

Tiramisu (infused with Bailey's & Kahlua served with Berry Coulis)
I couldn't taste the coffee in the ladyfingers, thick mascarpone cheese, anyhow it's okay & smooth. I hope they could give more of the Berry Coulis because it's soury, match with the tiramisu & enhance the dish.
Again, plating needs improvement.

After dinner, I'd quite pleasant conversation with the head chef, Brian Tan & JJ, I'm grateful as they asked & listened to my feedbacks all night.

They've menu for supper & it's called 'Psst, it's past nine...' inspired by Chef Brian Tan simple comfort foods after working hectic whole day.

They accept cash, card & e-wallets for payments. Reservation can be made via their ig or WhatsApp. Checkout my ig;_humanburrito.bki for pictures & videos.

Wine @ The Peak
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