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Rm13.9 Eat All You Can Vegetarian Buffet @ Karamunsing

Singing Aaron
Singing Aaron
2 years ago
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Im sure that most of regular vegetarian eaters must know this vegetarian buffet! In case you still dont know this, let me introduce my favourite place to you.. They are located just right beside McDonald Karamunsing, operate from 11am i think. You can find most dishes during their lunch time,around 1130-1pm.

They serve really good and varieties of food. From selection of rice/porridge/noodle as your main all the way down to desserts/kuih muih and watermelon!

You will be greeted by a lovely and super friendly kakak once you go in, she’s so nice and you’ll just feel welcoming whenever you go in(but sometimes she might be busy la)

The food varieties up to 20 choices, and the menu will be slightly different everyday, but my all time favourite will be their fried wonton. Yummmm! And today they serve buttermilk tauhu, something ive never tried before, yum yum also🥰🥰They also do have pisang goreng(sometimes is ubi goreng or mochi), soup of the day and dessert of the day. Im not really a tongshui lover, but today i saw their barley is so tempting, and I decided to give a try, wow surprisingly it is sooooooo nice, i ate 2bowl😋😋 sometimes they serve kacang merah or kacang hijau as their desser also laa..

I feel like if someone wanna try some vegetarian food, you may want to try here! Go around 1130am or 1pm and you’ll find seat and still gt many choices of food, cause sometimes during the lunch time it will be so packed.

Give it a try, after all it is just Rm13.9. Nowadays cincai one mee sup also 10++ ady🤣🤣

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