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Spinach noodle with Bittergourd is YAY


If you ate Kg Air Wantan mee (in front 999 corner shop) before, this is the stall behind it - Spinach noodle & their signature bittergourd that always kena ignored because of the overrated wantanmee.

📍 They are now reallocate to Kedai Kopi Sakura which is next to Monaco Hotel, opposite Maybank at Kg Air.

I’m actually coming to eat the wan tan mee with Gai giok at first, but I was late, reach there around 10am and the uncle start to clean up dy😴🤧

Bittergourd is crispy, totally not pahit, but a bit dry lah, I think its goreng with butter, but the butter is not heavy, Casao is quite tender & sao nyuk is crispy as well. I add on gai giok on the side. DAMNNNNN, unexpected quite good bruh.
Let’s describe the noodle, doink doink doink, of course no taste like “greenish spinach” lah, cuz the kon lao sauce already covered all.. The chicken feet, is also juicy and soft. I think uncle cooked quite long hours 😉

Friendly Uncle boiled his own soup, not those ajinomoto soup guys, it’s a real peanut soup 👍 topped with spring onion, jeng! I think this is quite add point. Uncle also recommended to try his chicken drumstick soup with red dates but I am too full, next time alright!

Easy to find parking, but remember to attach the DBKK parking ticket if not you will kena summon anytime 🤦🏿‍♀️

The stall also provided duitnow QR pay and boost if you don’t have enough cash 💰 Kakaks also very attentive will patiently take down your order and give you recommendation, well trained 👍

Kedai Kopi Sakura
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