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Bakso bebola daging kulit ayam rangup 🍜

2 years ago
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I've seen this warung in GrabFood app, nonetheless their gearbox soup is superb recommended by friends from KL.

They're located nearby Bataras Putatan, and it's exactly a 'warung' but modern version. It's typical in Indonesia, which means small stall business.

Previously, I've dropped by once & wanted to try their gearbox, unfortunately it wasn't ready yet despite I've checked it's available in the GF app.

I contacted the owner with the number in Google, their replies was it's better to pre-order firsthand in order to avoid disappointment or sold out.

During my 2nd visit, I ordered Bakso with meatballs, pulled beef, deep fried chicken skin, slices cabbage rice noodle and deep dried milkfish set.

The bakso soup taste like typical 'sup tulang'. When I added calamansi, the taste changed into light broth with slightly sour. I love it.

The meatballs & pulled beef are okay, the deep fried chicken skin though, is superb crispy! It's different than other bakso chicken skin I've tried.

The chicken skin is coated with special flour before deep fried, therefore it's superb crispy. Rice noodle was okay, but I wish they could cook longer.

The deep fried milkfish is superb crispy as well, I assumed they're using the coated with the same flour. Anyhow, not my liking though.

I could hardly bite it. They milkfish came with few side dishes; tempeh, deep fried eggplant, and few slices of cucumber. I ordered mine without rice.

The dipping sauce taste like soy sauce mix with chilli. Quite spicy. They sell banana fritters with cheese & other desserts.

They accept cash, e-wallets and COD. Anyone who's interested to try their gearbox soup or other dishes may place orders with the owner.

Although their 'warung' have fans, it was superb hot that day, I could feel my skin is burning. Checkout my ig:_humanburrito.bki for pictures & daily videos.

D’Warung Bakso Bajau
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