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Probably the highest rate I’ve given!

2 years ago
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First time visit and I felt great!

Checked out their menu online, and decided to give it a try! “Was teasing my mom to spend us the dinner if it’s not worth it”🤣

1. Food taste is great! No doubt! Portion is just right! More than enough! Definitely coming back for the taste!
Pork ribs is juicy, it’s bbq sauce is sweet and just right! 😍 mash potatoes felt fresh! Still can taste it with some solid potatoes which I love!!!

2. Lamb creamy pasta! Yes! Lamb! First time ever I tried a creamy paste with lamb slices! The lamb is so right where you can taste the “fats” and meat! No bones (the lamb cube) are given also! That’s a big thumbs up from me being so careful 🥰

3. Portion is big! Fried chicken are good! But if you can’t handle with spicy, this might not be suitable cause the black pepper tasted so strong it felt spicy! But overall still nice!!

4. Grilled chicken chop! I can really taste the “grill”, the “roast” which makes it so tasty! The meat wasn’t “tight and hard” instead it melt and easy to chew🥺 nice!!!

5. Mushroom and pumpkin soup! I gotta say I love the garlic bread! Hahahaha garlic wasn’t over cooked! Hahaha taste is good just right too❤️

6. Tried out their coconut pandan frappe. Taste special and okay! But if it can be a lil more sweeter should be better! For me. Cause I’m a sweet tooth🤣

7. Quality of menu is crazy! Haha not like the other restaurant where they just print out from their house printer 🤣

Overall, 10/10 for the experiences! Great service. Super fast! I think it’s the boss who served all the tables? Aircorn is very cold too! 🤣

Check out their menu online, by just googling them❤️

Cham's Roast & Grill
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