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🍗 Basmati. Biryani. Bru Kopi ☕️

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I spotted a newly open indian cuisine, Big Guru Curry (located beside UTea) at 88 MarketPlace.

I believe that they serve different dishes & specialty daily because I saw my menu written 'Friday'.

Here's what we ordered:
Vegetable rice set
I requested changed my white rice to Basmati with extra charge.
I love & recommend Basmati rice due to it's nutty flavour, cleaner taste, low glycemix index, also healthier option.
Dishes were all ready & served on the banana leaf & tray, thus there's no pouring nor ceremonial feeling (I like to see my rice 'banjirrr' with curry).
They serve fish curry as 'plain curry' which enhance the total dishes as fish curry is sweet & soury.
My dhal was served in separate bowl though. There's a cripsy, salty dried chilli for extra kick. They forgot to serve me, my rasam,...

...Add on fish curry
Fish is fresh & soft, curry is watery but flavourful.

Chicken Briyani
It was the specialty of the day. Biryani rice color was pale yellowish, less appealing.
Chicken thigh is perfectly cooked, anyhow size was smaller than I expected.

Coffee Bru
I ordered mine with fresh milk. Strong coffee taste, barely taste milk.

Iced Mooru
First time seeing & ordered this. It's a common South Indian summer refreshing buttermilk drink.
Taste like plain salty lassi with spices & herbs.

Due to they just started their business, also they don't have enough service crews to help around.

Foods & drinks were serving slow, so kindly bear with them & patience when you want to dine in.

They accept cash & e-wallets for payments. Checkout my ig;_humanburrito.bki for pictures & videos.

Big Guru Curry
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