15 BEST THINGS TO DO in Penang 2022 | Reviewbah

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Penang is a unique and interesting place with a lot to offer visitors. From its culture to its history and natural beauty, there is something for everyone in Penang. The vibrant island is rich in culture and heritage, offering an array of unique attractions and activities. With so much on offer, it can be tricky to know where to start exploring. If you love nature, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Penang. From hiking and biking trails to waterfalls and beaches, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors. And if you’re interested in learning about Malaysian history and culture, there are plenty of museums and historical sites to explore in Penang. So whether you’re looking for relaxing beach holidays or an action-packed city break, Penang has something for everyone. Check out our list of the 15 best things to do in Penang below!

1. Penang Street Art

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: maik elftmann

Penang is well known for its vibrant Penang Street Art. Whether you take a tour to see the art or stumble upon it in your own travels, viewing this collection of street art is sure to give you a fantastic Instagrammable picture opportunity. Whether it’s ‘Boy on Chair’ by Ernest Zacharevic or ‘Little Children on Bicycle’ by Louis Gan, Penang Street Art continues to be an ever-changing source of delight and inspiration. Make sure to check out the street art in George Town for your next Instagram shot!

2. Homestay Kampung Agong

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Homestay kampung agong

Homestay Kampung Agong is the perfect place to escape from your hectic and stressful routine. Not only can you enjoy a lush coconut orchard and take in the beauty of nature, but you can also get a unique experience with our paddy fields. Take a swing beside the vast paddy fields and maybe even experience traditional paddy harvesting! Plus, you can’t miss out on taking pictures amidst our beautifully designed birds’ nests – we guarantee it will be ‘Insta-worthy’. After all, what’s Homestay Kampung Agong without a good photo-op? Furthermore, you can stay over at our Penaga Homestay facility for an even longer weekend of fun at our “Traditional Theme Park”. Homestay Kampung Agong has everything you need for perfect peace of mind – quite possibly including some stress-relieving selfies!

3. Kek Lok Si Temple

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: ger kemper & umar azizan

Kek Lok Si Temple is a must-visit for any traveler in Southeast Asia! Located in Penang, Malaysia, Kek Lok Si Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples and boasts a charming blend of Chinese, Thai and Burmese architectural styles. As you explore Kek Lok Si, marvel at the huge statues of Kuan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) and Ksitigarbha (the Guardian of Hell), immerse yourself in one of the temple’s many lively festivals, or take part in traditional ceremonies — whatever your visit entails, Kek Lok Si will not disappoint. Come discover why it’s known as one of South East Asia’s sacred history gems!

4. Penang Hill

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: lesterseow@seu338e & linda jensen

Penang Hill is the perfect retreat if you’re looking for a visual vacation! Take a scenic ride on Penang Hill Railway and experience Penang in all its glory. Swim in the misty clouds and take in the lush greenery as you traverse one of Penang’s most beautiful locales. Witness majestic views while enjoying the ride in a historic train car. Penang Hill Railway is here to make sure your Penang getaway is nothing short of breathtaking!

5. Ghost Museum

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Ghost museum

Have you ever heard of Ghost Museum Penang in Malaysia? If stories of the supernatural make your hair stand on end and goosebumps crawl up your neck, this is one museum you can’t miss! Ghost Museum Penang sounds like a horror film setting – but fret not as there’s nothing too spooky inside this historic building. Ghost Museum Penang offers a unique and spooky experience for the adventurous at heart! Visit the Ghost Museum Penang to learn about spooky, paranormal, and ghost stories that you may not have heard of before. Ghost stories have been told since the dawn of time – why not come see for yourself what all the fuss is about?

6. Jerejak Island

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: @hazwanhfiz & @___evachan___

Jerejak Island has been steadily growing in popularity lately, and there’s no wonder why! This idyllic island is located just 10 minutes away from Penang by boat, and offers endless photo opportunities. From the picturesque rainbow pier to an Insta-worthy romantic swing on the beach – Jerejak Island has it all! For those looking for the perfect spot to witness the majesty of a stunning sunset, Jerejak won’t disappoint either – its sky will turn a beautiful display of pink, yellow and orange as the sun dips below on the horizon. If you haven’t already visited Jerejak Island yet, you should definitely get ready to do so; trust us, you’re going to love it!

7. TeddyVille Museum@Batu Ferringhi

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: miewsim & nancy

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for your childhood, TeddyVille Museum in Batu Ferringhi will take you back! Bask in the joy of an endless array of Teddy Bears from various nations and times – as far back as the 1900s! Not only do these Teddy Bears come in all shapes and sizes, but some Teddy Bears might even (literally) tower over you! Along with taking a trip down memory lane, TeddyVille Museum is also the perfect place to learn about not just Teddy Bears and their history, but also Penang’s unique cultural heritage. To top off this fuzzy experience, why not treat yourself to a personalized Teddy Bear as a souvenir while you’re at it? After all, there’s nothing quite like having an adorable companion with lasting memories of your journey!

8. Magic World Penang

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Magic world penang

Magic World Penang is a unique attraction in every sense of the word! Forget your average day at the park; this interactive experience promises that you and your family will be challenged and entertained like never before. From navigating their mirror maze (which could take hours, if you’re not careful) to keeping up with Weewee and Waawaa, Magic World Penang is designed to be an unforgettable family-fun outing. With 12 rooms full of optically-illusive themes, it’s sure to satisfy false adventurers and real-life explorers alike. Bring your family along for an amazing days!

9. Penang Avatar Secret Garden

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: wai kit & nurul syahirah hairudin

Penang Avatar Secret Garden is truly a sight to behold – you don’t even have to be a fan of the movie ‘Avatar’ to appreciate its beauty! Located in Tanjung Tokong next to the seashore, the luminous installations transform this park into an ethereal paradise at night. Everywhere you look, Neon LED lights are draped and wrapped around trees, creating an almost-mythic atmosphere in perfect harmony with nature. Penang Avatar Secret Garden is an absolute must-see for anyone searching for enchantment and wonderment.

10. Wonder Food Museum

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: jeslyn lee & akbalanas abd kader

If you’re looking for an interesting and unique way to explore Malaysia’s multi-cultural background, visiting Wonder Food Museum is a must. With three galleries featuring a variety of delicious delicacies display from all over Asia, it’s the perfect place to satisfy your curiosity. Whether it’s discovering the secrets behind age-old recipes or learning an unique experience to expand your knowledge on the food culture, history, and traditions encompassed in Malaysian cuisine, Wonder Food Museum has something for everyone and is bound to leave you feeling full of knowledge and appreciation for the diverse cuisine Malaysia has to offer!

11. Dark Mansion – 3D Glow In The Dark Museum

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: sk voon

Dark Mansion is like a fairytale come to life – this 3D Glow In The Dark museum is the first of its kind in Malaysia, taking 3D artworks to a new level with its impressive and entrancing light displays. Dark Mansion provides an eye-catching “day-to-night” transition using special painting materials along with super special light settings; visitors can immerse themselves in this magical combination of artistically glowing paints that invoke a surreal atmosphere indeed! Dark Mansion invites all of us to discover an entirely different world and experience something truly unique!

12. Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: sbow ball & entopia by penang butterfly farm

Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm is the perfect spot for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike! With its grand re-opening to Entopia, it has become the world’s first live tropical butterfly sanctuary offering nature’s largest classroom and discovery hub — a truly entomological utopia. Entomology enthusiasts can witness more than 15000 butterflies of various species flying freely in their natural habitats, as well as observe over 200 species of plants, streams, and waterfalls. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, Entopia also features caves, ponds, and other artistic garden features! So make sure you check out Entopia–Penang’s largest butterfly garden–next time you’re in Malaysia!

13. The TOP Penang, Theme Park Penang

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: the top penang, theme park penang & petruchellis khalil

The TOP Penang and Theme Park Penang are like two peas in a pod – or, rather, two attractions in the same big building. This unique edutainment center is located inside the KOMTAR Tower in George Town and is the perfect place for families to explore and have fun. The 65,000 square-foot play area has tons of interactive games and activities that engage kids while they learn. Plus, The TOP Penang features a hundred-meter skywalk where visitors can get stunning views of both the city and sea! The combination of education and entertainment makes The TOP Penang an experience not to be missed.

14. Chew Jetty

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: bách chi travel & karine mutel

Chew Jetty Penang offers you the chance to experience a whole heap of culture and it’s delicious flavors in one go – so why not take a stroll? With wooden walkways and rows of quaint houses selling all sorts of goodies, Chew Jetty Penang truly is a sight unlike any other. You can snack your way through some mouth-watering local delicacies, pick up some souvenirs or even explore what lies within the Chew Jetty houses-turned-restaurants. Don’t miss your chance to drop by Chew Jetty Penang!

15. The Gravityz

15 Best Things To Do In Penang 2022 | Reviewbah | Reviewbah
Photo credit: adila shah & alvin teh

The Gravityz is your perfect weekend getaway if you’re looking for something to keep the adrenaline flowing! The high-altitude sports platform offers a breathtaking view of Penang Island, giving you a unique experience that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Not only will it help you release all of your weekend stress with its exciting activities, The Gravityz also offers a variety of courses and challenges to truly test your physical capabilities. So why just look at the view when you can conquer it? The Gravityz awaits!


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