Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang in 2022

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If you’re looking for the perfect Instagrammable cafe in Penang, look no further! We’ve rounded up the top 10 cafes inPenang that are guaranteed to make your feed pop. From quaint mountain retreats to hipster hangouts, there’s something for everyone on this list. So start planning your coffee-themed vacation now and be sure to check out these gems when you’re in town. Who knows, maybe you’ll even snag a few likes while you’re at it!

1. Norm Micro Roastery

Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang In 2022 | Reviewbah
Photo credit: brian aerovalier & joey yee

Norm Micro Roastery is the perfect place to get your coffee fix in Penang! This industrial-style cafe offers a unique atmosphere with an expansive espresso bar and plenty of seating so you can really make a day out of it. Not only does it specialize in serving up delicious coffee, but also one-of-a-kind cakes and hearty main courses fit for a feast. But Norm Micro Roastery isn’t just about the food – it’s also about providing an atmosphere of relaxation for anyone who visits. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to read a book or even just a place to escape the hustle and bustle of Penang, Norm Micro Roastery will provide you with both sustenance and solace.

2. China House

Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang In 2022 | Reviewbah
Photo credit: akmal b. & xyao yu

China House Penang is quite a unique find – and not just because it happens to be the longest cafe in town! This hotspot oozes with character and offers locals and tourists alike a homely atmosphere, serving up quick bites, selected pastries and a wide selection of beverages. China House is definitely worth adding to your travel itinerary this season – whether you just want to relax or indulge in a feast fit for an emperor! What’s more, its exquisite style channels China’s culture through a charming Malaysian Peacock twist – so you can have the best of both worlds without even having to leave town.

3. CAN by Haru Hari @ Project CAN

Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang In 2022 | Reviewbah
Photo credit: ping jia & sophia lim夏妃

CAN by Haru Hari @ Project CAN is the perfect spot for Instagram addicts seeking that perfect vibe and trendy atmosphere. Not to mention the delectable sugary treats on offer, CAN ensures its customers get a complete hip lifestyle experience – coffee, cakes and plenty of Insta-worthy snaps! From sweet doughnut towers to delicious espresso chocolate cups and cupcakes with creamy frosting piled high, CAN is every cool foodie’s go-to hangout. Whether you’re looking to pull out your phone and catch some great shots or just chill out with friends over cake, CAN has something for everyone. So if you find yourself in Penang looking for a picturesque pitstop to impress the ‘gram with happy snaps, CAN by Haru Hari is the place to be!


Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang In 2022 | Reviewbah
Photo credit: jemy joseph & wheeler’s

WHEELER’S has become the talk of the town ever since it opened, and with good reason. It’s home to some of the most delicious food you’ll ever taste in Penang, combining local Malaysian favorites with international cuisine. Its cozy atmosphere adds to the charm – you won’t want to leave! There’s something for everyone here at WHEELER’S. They have an extensive menu that caters to all types and tastes, providing incredibly satisfying meals that are sure to please. So if you’re ever looking for a unique and flavorful dining experience in Penang, WHEELER’S should be at the top of your list!

5. The Mugshot Cafe

Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang In 2022 | Reviewbah
Photo credit: jemy dj chuah & lai meng

The Mugshot Cafe in Penang is the place to be when seeking an unforgettable European-style breakfast experience. The words ‘bagel’ and ‘Penang’ may mean something very different come lunchtime, but when paired together The Mugshot Cafe has mastered the special recipe for success. The ambiance of the cafe makes it a must go destination, perfect for catching up with friends as you munch on freshly baked bagels and savour every delicious bite of The Mugshot Cafe’s signature pastries and delights. The unique combination of flavours here make sure each visit is guaranteed to satisfy. So say goodbye to dull breakfasts and hello to The Mugshot Cafe – a wake-up call for your taste buds!

6. Lepetitfour Pâtisserie

Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang In 2022 | Reviewbah
Photo credit: jogan t. & sarina yeap

Lepetitfour Pâtisserie in Penang is exactly the kind of cafe that has made Instagram famous; it’s full of delicious, insta-worthy French pastry, desserts and sweets. Step in, grab a cupcake or two and make sure to snap a pic of its inviting blue walls and pops of greenery – it’s sure to get you plenty of validation on Instagram! Lepetitfour Pâtisserie brings Parisian charm to the sweet-toothed folks of Penang, so why not treat yourself and get your postcard-perfect photos all at the same time?

7. 490 Specialty Coffee

Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang In 2022 | Reviewbah
Photo credit: lim lim & norhasniza othman

490 Specialty Coffee in Penang is totally worth checking out! Not that any of us need an excuse for coffee and sweets, but 490 Specialty Coffee checks all the boxes and makes it too hard to resist. Plus it’s a great spot for intagrammers who don’t mind showing their ~aesthetic~ with its super instagrammable check in area. 490 Specialty Coffee is an ideal spot for creative minds, coffee connoisseurs, or anyone who wants to take a break and savour a moment of sweet indulgence. Make sure you hit up 490 when you’re in Penang!

8. Narrow Marrow

Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang In 2022 | Reviewbah
Photo credit: mickie lee & bryan wong

Narrow Marrow, located in Penang, is becoming one of the most talked-about cafes around! The cafe is known for their signature alcohol tiramisu – a must order for all visitors. Narrow Marrow has a nostalgic decoration inside, creating an atmosphere that makes you feel comforted while indulging in their attractive treats. The cafe certainly knows how to make you reminisce on old memories with its comforting vibes. Narrow Marrow definitely deserves its spot as one of the most notable cafes the city has.

9. Higher Ground

Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang In 2022 | Reviewbah
Top 10 instagrammable cafes in penang in 2022 11

Higher Ground cafes in Penang are a sight to behold. Whether you’re a cafe connoisseur looking for the perfect brew or an aesthete on the prowl for an Instagrammable backdrop, Higher Ground cafes have got you covered. With its modern and minimalist decor, Higher Ground cafes bring an air of sophistication with their rustic charm. Step inside one of these cafes and be transported to another world where all your worries melt away. So you’re in Penang, don’t forget to check out Higher Ground – it might just become your favorite place!

10. Urban Daybreak

Top 10 Instagrammable Cafes In Penang In 2022 | Reviewbah
Urban daybreak

Urban Daybreak is an oasis of tranquility amid the hustle and bustle of Penang. The cafe created an entire gem out of the city’s vibrant atmosphere by combining its signature eccentric vibes with quality food. Urban Daybreak offers delicious breakfast, brunch, and even dinner options to satisfy any mid-day cravings! Despite being situated at a busy intersection, Urban Daybreak manages to create a pocket of peace away from the fray while allowing its patrons to take in the beauty of Penang’s lively street scene. Whether you’re looking for a bite or just want to relax and catch up with friends, Urban Daybreak should definitely be on your must-visit list!


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