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I think i found my favourite tangshuipu

orang sabah ba14-04-23

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Visited a chinese-style healthy tongshuipu after having a really spicy lunch on a very hot afternoon in Lintas (it was a cloudless 31°C arvo!). Initially we just wanted to try new place with AC, but u instantly fell in love with this place 😍let me break the review down:

TASTE: I ordered ε₯Άε‘³ε—η“œε°η±³, it was so delicious! I was craving for something sweet after lunch but i didnt want something too sweet and cold at the same time. This was perfect for me 😍10/10

ENVIRONMENT: The place is clean, neat and tidy, super comfy to the eyes and nose. Plus, it is an air-conditioned room, so I feel saved from the heat wave today 😍 10/10

SERVICE: The fact that they serve you a frer glass of water because tongshui often makes the throat uncomfortable (for some people), is such a plus plus for me. The staff are really sweet and friendly, make me feel welcomed in the shop 😍 10/10

VALUE: the tongshui I ordered was around RM7.00, and considering I could sit there for a few hours and dont have to cook tongshui myself, I think it is worth it 😍 10/10

Overall, I think I have found my favourite place to fix my sweet cravings, but guilt-free and healthier options than other dessert places 😍 will come back again for sure because i just saw other users complimenting their lemon earl grey! I must try it next time πŸ€—