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Alternative to Welcome Seafood

2 years ago

Aside from Welcome Seafood, there are other alternatives for seafood.

Imperial Seafood, which was literally at the back of Hilton and Welcome Seafood, also serves decent variety of seafood.

She craves for sea snails very much, and of course we ordered some 800gm of it (RM25.60). It was plainly steamed and served with fermented bean curd sauce(腐乳). While eating on its own was fantastic, she doesn’t fancy the idea of having it with any other sauce. Suffice to say, she was contented for being able to pick all the sea snails and eat her heart out.
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While browsing sea snails, she caught her eyes on those huge “siham” (cockles, the one you usually find in fried Kueh Teow, only thing is that they don’t come in these sizes 😂). And of course we had another 800gm of them (RM19.20) and also steamed for eat. This was paired with a light soy sauce, and these “siham” was really big and fresh, especially when you down it with the slightly salty sauce. And what’s not to like when you have this kind of cockles to eat with.
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Your trip to Sabah seafood restaurant wouldn’t be complete if you failed to order 沙白汤 (clam soup). The usual while clams cooked with ginger slices in the soup (RM22.40 for 800gm as well) goes very well as your appetiser in the course of your dinner here. You literally can’t go wrong with this order. Just slowly sip on the soup while waiting other dishes to arrive. It warms up your tummy and you’re ready to go.
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Unfortunately, they were out of squid, so we switched to salted egg soft shell crab (RM30 for 300gm). I, myself am a very lazy person to go crack the exoskeleton of a crab just to get to the meat, so this soft shell crab was simply the next best thing for me to go to. With the salted egg deeply fried into it, the soft shell crab was good to go with your rice. I just chowed it down on its own
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Feeling guilty of no fibre in meal? Ordered a belacan fried paku pakis (RM12 for small) and you can eat more. The belacan wasn’t the best, as it was not as fragrant nor as spicy you would expect it to be, but the vegetable itself was good, and you don’t get these ferns unless they were picked in just in time. It would probably best to just ordered it stir fried without the belacan.
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In fear of not enough food, we ordered their Seafood Glass Noodles for one (RM15). This dish comes with generous amount of fish slices and rather huge prawns. If you’re here alone, I reckoned ordering this would suffice. The glass noodles were not soggy, fried adequately with wok fire 🔥. Well, in the end, I was the DBKK and ended up sweeping all in.
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All price are subject to 6% SST and 5% service charge.

Imperial Seafood Restaurant
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