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Old school monkey business 🐵

faustina j.
faustina j.
2 years ago

I think mostly kkians know this eatery located at the crowded Lintas area. Its been set up for more than two decades I think. The place is easily spot on as it is very obvious when they decorated its interior with monkey decorations to match its monkey’s themed.

Similar like Little Italy at Gaya, this place always full of people during special occasions especially on Christmas dinner and Valentines dinner. I went there during a normal weekend and I can see that the seats inside were almost full and there were also table reserved for dinner. So I guess its better to book yourself in advance for a table if you plan to go there for extra pax dinner.

The restaurant served western food meals such as steak and seafood accompany with side dish. Price is reasonable in my opinion as you can always opt for full set meal by adding RM22 to your course. It come with choices of appetizers and a splendid dessert to complete your meal set.

What I want to highlight on the restaurant was the service and its hot chocolate pudding. The owner and staff are particularly alert on their outlet customers table. They will engage with you and treat you as if you were a hotel guest. The way they serve is full of courtesy. Somemore, the choc pudding taste marvelously. I been indulging to this lovely treat since I was a child and I swear its one of my favorite dessert in kk area. It look simple, but maybe its the simplicity that make the pudding so nice, it was warm and rich. Sometimes I feel like one is just not enough. Maybe in future if they change the ice cream that accompany with the pudding with a homemade one, it will give more ommph towards the dessert. But so far I still feel content with it.

Brass Monkey Cafe & Bar
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