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Ying Ying09-11-22


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Little Tuft House

 8.0/ 10  
 8.0/ 10  

!! NEW TUFTING PLACE !! Hehe can tell the couple that opened it has a passion for tufting ❤️ Very friendly and nice service, not sure bout the usual price but for now NOV PROMO: 50×50 - rm 96 70×70 - rm 180 NO COLOUR LIMIT ! TIME LIMIT 3-4HOUR ! If you done tufting before won't be a problem but we were new hehe so we needed some time to get used to it ~ Rm 18? Rm 15? - add on 1 hour if you can't finish in time Hehe I wasted lot of yarn and I ripped one cloth🙃 and tufted wrong (non-inverted) design on the other cloth . ( 2 cloth damage and was not charged 🥺) You can shave ur own tuft mat too ! But scare ltr botak HAHAHAHA THE GUN WAS 1.4KG 🔫 rested one day cus my back was so sore HAHAHHA Will be back again cus I won their lucky draw YAY !