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MRT Speed with Oily bath Massage

2 years ago
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*Just my comment, might be vary with others*

There was quite a few introduced this new spa and massage which located inside The Palace Hotel , 1st floor called Midas Spa and Massage.

I booked for an appointment thru whatsapp and the staff who replied me is very kind and pleasant and also even explained to me very details for all my questions.

Our therapist told us that this spa was previously own by an indian but now is overtaken by The Palace Hotel owner.

We booked for Bubble Bath and Borneo Massage 90 minutes.

The environment was superb and suitable for check in but i might not come back for the second time…

I saw reviews saying that they serve hot ginger tea… but we were only served with plain water but that is okay, ginger might out of stock but I thought our water might be at least a hot one…

We reached there at 2:15pm early than our appointment 2:30pm, then we were brought to one of the room and allow us to play with our bubble tub first. Next we were asked to have a shower before starting our massage and oppsie we saw might be the previous customer left her single use underwear in the shower area on the floor… hehe cleaner might have forgotten that.

Then we started our massage, wowwww the massage seriously surprised me because its like MRT SPEED that SUPER FAST and RUSHING. I felt she is so rushing and abit rude (during positioning hand or head or leg) … this is supposed to be a relaxing massage ? MRT SPEED massage doesn’t make me felt comfortable at all because you won’t feel any point press feel and i think massage oil is very cheap for them because she is like bathing oil on my body…

So because of the rush massage, the therapist finish quite early on my body parts but because of the time is still so early so the remaining time 30 minutes all goes to the head…

Im clear of the time because I’m playing phone, why I’m playing phone? Because i really dislike rushing massages because I don’t feel comfortable ……………..

So lastly finish everything, we paid over the counter and i asked the cashier about the MRT SPEED massage so maybe I can choose another type of massage which is slower and more relaxing. She said that the massage aren’t supposed to be that fast… so yeah i have nothing to comment more.

Nice place nice environment i really love it but massage therapist really need alot alot of improvement and the Spa can consider of putting some diffuser or aromatic fragrances inside the Spa because there is some unpleasant smell….

I think I’ll just go back to my previous usual place for massage then until they improved hehe.

Well no harm to try since it’s new for check in.

Midas Wellness and Spa
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